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Flag Days in Finland 2015

Thu Feb 5 2015f1 J.L. Runeberg's Day, (was born 211 years ago)
Sat Feb 28 2015f1 Kalevala's Day, Finnish Culture Day
Thu Mar 19 2015f1 Minna Canth's Day, The Day of Equality, (was born 171 years ago)
Thu Apr 9 2015f1 Michael Agricola's Day, Finnish Language Day, (died 458 years ago)
also Elias Lönnrot was born 213 years ago
Sun Apr 19 2015f1 Parliamentary Elections
Mon Apr 27 2015f1 National Veteran's Day
Fri May 1 2015f1 Vappu, The Day of Finnish Labour
Sat May 9 2015f1 Europe Day
Sun May 10 2015f1 Mother's Day
Tue May 12 2015f1 J.V. Snellman's Day, The Day of Finnishness, (was born 209 years ago)
Sun May 17 2015f1 Remembrance Day, memorial day for the war dead
Thu Jun 4 2015f1 Flag Day of Defence Forces, Birthday of Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim, Marshal of Finland, (was born 148 years ago)
Fri Jun 19 2015f1 Midsummer Eve (On the Day of the Finnish Flag the flag is flown from 6 PM on Midsummer Eve to 9 PM on Midsummer Day)
Sat Jun 20 2015f1 Finnish Flag day, Midsummer Day
Mon Jul 6 2015f1 Eino Leino's Day, Summer and Poetry Day, (was born 137 years ago)
Sat Oct 10 2015f1 Aleksis Kivi's Day, Finnish Literature Day, (was born 181 years ago)
Sat Oct 24 2015f1 United Nations Day, (established 70 years ago)
Fri Nov 6 2015f1 Day of the Swedish Identity, (Gustav II Adolf died 383 years ago)
Sun Nov 8 2015f1 Father's Day
Fri Nov 20 2015f1 Children's Rights Day (Recommendation)
Sun Dec 6 2015f1 Independence Day, (declaration of independence 98 years ago)
Tue Dec 8 2015f1 Jean Sibelius' Day, Finnish Music Day, (was born 150 years ago)